Family Mediation

Family Mediation

What is Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process which helps joint decision making without the use of courts.
Due to recent changes in government thinking, family mediation is slowly becoming the preferred method to resolve and prevent disputes.
It is a legally privileged process which mean anything said in mediation cannot be disclosed in court unless both parties agree.
The mediator does not tell you what to do. They are there to help you reach your own agreements concerning all aspects of your separation or divorce.

Who is Family Mediation for

Our services is open to any separating or divorcing parents or couple who are experiencing difficulties agreeing arrangements for their children or finances, including property.

Mediation is available to couples and/or family members, for example grandparents, who may be having difficulties over contact and residence arrangements.

How can Mediation help

Family Mediation offers you an opportunity for ´time out´ in a neutral, safe place where you and your former partner can meet with an impartial mediator to work through issues and make agreements concerning your children and/or finances, or indeed any other related matter.

Where children are involved, while you may cease to be partners, you will always be parents and we believe you are the best people to decide your children´s future.