Children & Money

Children and Money

Your children will always come first but you may well need money to live and make sure your children are properly cared for.

Even families in modest circumstances have numerous matters to resolve with regard to their children and finances.

Decisions which may affect your future and that of your children, should not be taken before you talk to your solicitor. JGQC will explain the legal options available to you and what you should do immediately to protect your interests and those of your children.

That said, parents are the best people to make decisions regarding their children although the advice of a specialist solicitor can often help.

We have the experience to manage difficult financial and family situations where what is fair, is not always obvious and your previous partner might want to protect certain assets or have undue influence over your children.

For example, where you have entered into a pre-nuptial agreement or your contribution to the family business is disputed.

Decisions about your children’s future, property ownership and pension arrangements must be shared fairly and tax liability minimised.

Many people do not realise that a party may have a claim for maintenance in their own right as well as maintenance for the children.